Aviation English - Intensive

10-day LIVE virtual classroom course (30 hours)

 This course will be delivered on a virtual platform through live, interactive instructor-led classroom sessions. There will be 1 session per day, each session will be approximately 180 minutes excluding breaks.

The Aviation English intensive course builds on the topics, language aspects and skills covered in the Aviation English e-learning course, through controlled practice under the direct guidance of an instructor in a virtual classroom course setting. Our experienced instructors ensure intensive practice of the linguistic aspects and skills with hands-on interactions, exercises, and coaching. The material is presented in an aviation context in realistic situations and will help you develop the skills necessary to deal with the types of content commonly found in aviation training courses and documents such as those produced by ICAO and other aviation-related
organizations. Over 10 days you will develop the language skills needed to handle real-life situations arising in everyday aviation operations as well as those needed for training purposes, and to understand aviation-themed documents.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Use standard aviation phraseology and plain language
  • Give and follow instructions
  • Communicate about unusual situations
  • Describe and discuss incident analysis reports
  • Identify parts, movements, and forces of action
  • Read back instructions

Target audience

Aviation professionals using air-ground voice communications for international air operations including:

  • Air Traffic Controllers and ATC assistants
  • Private, charter and commercial pilots who fly international routes
  • Aircraft dispatchers
  • Aviation students and trainees

Recommended level

  •  Intermediate

Key topics

  • Aviation language and communication
  • Ground operations
  • Airport layouts and runway incursions
  • Weather
  • Flight plans, ATIS and NOTAMs, and clearance delivery
  • Emergencies


  • Live, interactive instructor-led virtual classroom sessions
  • Multiple Q&A sessions
  • Self-study material
  • Role-playing communicative exercises including Pilot/ATC interactions using accurate
    phonetic features and language skills.
  • Assessment

Technical requirements

 Please check the hardware, software and network requirements


 Participants should have already attained ICAO Level 3 proficiency and have successful completed IATA’s Aviation English e-learning course.

Certificate awarded

 An IATA Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course and an assessment.


Table of Contents

Aviation language and communication:

  • ICAO standard phraseology
  • Focus on language
  • Layover

Ground operations:

  • Taxi instructions

Airport layouts and runway incursions:

  • Giving and following instructions
  • Focus on language
  • Layover


  • Incident analysis
  • Focus on language
  • Current weather conditions

Flight plans, ATIS and NOTAMs, clearance delivery

  • Getting the information you need
  • Clearances

Unusual Situations:

  • Communicating about unusual situations Focus on language
  • Layover



  • Making the new words yours
  • Notable moments in aviation history
  • Layover

Plane words

  • Parts, movements, and forces in action
  • Inside the plane
  • Interactions

Navaids and other forms of communication:

  • The human factor

Bird’s eye view – Review and expansion

  • Standard phraseology or plain language?
  • From gate to runway
  • Meteorological conditions
  • Runway incursions
  • Layover

 Please contact us www.iata.org/training-contactif you have any questions


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