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Why Plane language Aviation English courses?

Plane Language is a suite of LAL Aviation English courses offered in conjunction with IATA.

Plane Language courses are based around real use of aviation language and are designed to help you develop the skills necessary to deal with the content commonly found in aviation training courses and documents, such as those produced by ICAO and other aviation-related organisations.

You will develop the language skills needed to handle real-life situations arising in everyday aviation operations as well as those needed for training purposes, and to understand aviation specific documents.

I learned a lot of new things which will help me when I fly. One year ago I flew with a friend and couldn’t understand anything from air traffic control, but I flew one week ago with another friend and I could understand everything that was being said.

Abdulmalek Aleisa, Saudi Arabia


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IATA Plane Language (LAL Upskill)

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